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Mannarich - The Asian-Chinese Food Legend of Canada

Food To Go

Mannarich Food Inc.™, Chinese name "Dong Jiang", meaning the "Eastern River", is a Canada based Chinese-food manufacturing giant established in 1976. Targeted in the Asian frozen food, refrigerated food, and dinner box market, the company had launched and upgraded her production line in 1977 and 1999, with a capacity of producing 18,000 packed frozen products per day. In 2008, the company’s production lines had reached it’s highest quality standard by obtaining a series of quality certifications, such as ISO22000, HACCP and Canadian Federal License, this allow the company to surpass within our industry with the best quality control management. In order to promote Chinese food products and home dinning culture to the United States, our facilities had also obtained the highest quality food import standard for the USA in 2014.

At the Grocery Shop

Other than selling our Canada-manufactured products, in 2008, Mannarich also started to import food products from Asia countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Thailand to extend its product variety and to capture different market segments. In 2016, Mannarich has a major rebrand and changed it's Chinese name to "Man Sheng", meaning "Fully-filled", and targeted in being "Your family's favorite food choice" by importing and exporting high quality food products. Besides Mannarich’s own brand products, we also specialise in private labelling for food industries, including food services and institutional services. Throughout our history, our commitment to quality, freshness, service excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovation has been the driving forces behind Mannarich Food to success, sustain and superior.

Our Vision

Through our products and services, Asian food culture, its conveniences and culinary arts, will become an important part of the North American’s home and restaurant dinning culture.


Our Mission

To satisfy our consumers’ needs with the best quality products, reasonable price and exceptional customer experiences and relations in a most excellence and outstanding way.

Mannarich Food Inc.™,前中文名稱 “東江食品”,意為 “源自東方” ,是一家成立於1976年的加拿大中式食品製造廠。以亞洲冷凍食品、冷藏食品和飯盒市場為目標。公司於1999年升級生產線,每天能生產18,000個包裝冷凍產品。 2008年,公司的生產線獲得一系列質量認證(如ISO22000、HACCP及加拿大聯邦食品牌照)達到了最高質量標準,使公司能以最好的質量控制管理,在行業中引領群雄。為了進一步推廣中式餐飲文化和家庭食品,我們的設施在2014年更獲得了美國最優質的食品進口標準。


除了銷售我們加拿大在製造的食品外,2008年,我們也開始從亞洲各國,如馬來西亞、台灣、中國和泰國進口高質素食品,以擴大產品種類,滿足不同市場的需要。在2016年,我們的品牌作了一個重大的革新,中文名稱從 "東江" 改名為 “滿盛”,有著 “充充滿滿” 的意思,並通過進口和出口高品質食品成為 “您.家最愛”,讓美味充滿每個家庭。除了自家的品牌產品,我們還為同業提供品牌產品,亦有提供產品予餐廳及食品服務機構。歷史可以證明,我們對質量、新鮮度、卓越服務、客戶滿意度和創新的承諾,一直是我們成功、堅守和卓越的關鍵和推動力。







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