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The Mannarich (MF) brand

Traditionally and reliably serving the Asian-Canadian since 1976.


MF Premium

Started with Seafood Platter Assorted balls pack, the MF Premium series will be featuring specialty types of high quality foods.

MF Premium will be available soon in most of the grocery stores.

Seafood Platter: 450g/pack, 10pack/box

MF Premium

Seafood Series (Fresh)

Our most beloved Fresh Fish Balls Series, launched since 1992. These high quality of packed seafood products can only be found in the Mannarich MF™ brand. Our products comply the highest standards in the food industry, including ISO22000 and HACCP, definitely a safe and enjoyable choice for your family.

180g/pack, 36pack/box

Seafood Fresh

Seafood Series (Frozen)

The frozen series is launched since 2001. With rapid frozen technology, the freshness and texture of the food is fully preserved. You can find this 240 - 260 g frozen series in most of the grocery stores.

240g - 260g /pack, 30pack/box


Fish Paste Series

Seasoned fish paste is one of the most eaten prepared seafood in the Asian communities. It is sold raw yet seasoned, families can mold and make into all kinds of food they like with unlimited possibilities to enjoy, e.g. Fried fish cake, Stuffed bell peppers, Crab cakes, Kikiam, Soup with lettuce... etc.

Fish pastes come in Fresh or Rapid Frozen, available at T&T and most of the Chinese grocers.

300g/tub, 24tub/box